Pole Aerial Photography

Of all the xAP, PAP is my favorite. Why...because balloons are too expensive and most of the time I simply don’t have the patience needed to handle a Kite rig.  Planes involve legal and liability issues. PAP has it’s advantages and disadvantages as compared to other types of xAP:


PAP can be used in places where other platforms can't

      Panoramic photography is really easy

      Setup and Takedown time is much quicker

      Wind is usually not a factor


        Limited to 50’ height

       Must be done on solid ground


    How does it telescope
    How is the pole plumbed?
    Is guying necessary?

Let me suggest 6 simple but critical safety rules for PAP'ing:
(1) Before extending the pole, always check your equipment (cable, fasteners, etc),
(2) Plumb the pole BEFORE it is extended,
(3) NEVER use less than a 4 ' overlap. In other words, a 7 section pole should never exceed 46' in total length,
(4) Use guy lines in extreme conditions ( > 40' and in breezy conditions ) and
(5) NEVER EVER move the vehicle with the pole extended.
(6) Periodically disassemble the entire pole and examine the parts that can't be checked before each lift (bushings, cables, etc.)

Do I use a checklist for PAP. Definitely, I'd be lost without it.

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