Bird-Shots PAP Kit




$895 Without Cradle (Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping)


 $1,245 With Pan & Tilt Cradle (Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping)

(My Cradle set-up...Olympus c5050z, Zoom, Shutter & BlackWidow downlink)

(Cradle Stand VIDEO)


If in 30 days you are not completely satisfied, box it up and send it back for a FULL questions asked !

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About the kit...

This kit is completely pre-engineered. All you have to do is read, understand and follow the step by step Assembly Instructions (snapshot) on the CD. The CD also contains start to finish construction videos (example) and pictures making it possible for DIY'ers with limited skills and resources to build a 50’ high telescoping photography pole. When completed, you will have a platform from which you can produce views from a different perspective.


  • Collapsed length:  13 ft
  • Maximum Height:   50 ft
  • Maximum Payload (Including Cradle):  3.5 lb @  50'
  • Approximate Weight (pole w/winch):  105 lb
  • Approximate Weight (trailer & PAP system):  300 lb
  • Time to lift 50':  20 sec



  • Kit is completely pre-engineered

  • Kit was designed with CAD based on years of experience with previous versions

  • Brackets were punched with a CNC punch to ensure uniformity

  • Brackets are powder-coated 55k galvanized steel

  • Pulley bracket hardware is all stainless steel

  • Pulleys are stainless steel-ball bearing

  • Cables are stainless steel

  • Plumbing tubes are 6061T6 aluminum w/ stainless hardware

  • No welding required

  • Requires only limited tools (drill, dremel, hammer, etc)

  • Each bracket and bushing assembly is checked to ensure proper fit

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with limited warrantee

You will be responsible for purchasing a few easily obtained components to complete the project.



Sample Assembly Video

Configuration Images



Kit Contents (Shipping weight 20lbs):

6 powder coated galvanized pulley brackets...3", 2 1/2", 2", 1 1/2",  1", 3/4"

Upper and lower UHMW bushing assemblies with stainless eye bolts

Stainless pulleys

Stainless bracket hardware

Pre-measured and assembled stainless cables

6061T6 aluminum plumbing clamps with safety cable

Compression cable

Safety Cable

Stop clips

Lynch pin

Grade 8 pivot bolt

3" dia. x 14GA 55K powder coated galvanized pivot bracket, torque tubes and hardware

3" dia. x 14GA 55K powder coated galvanized winch bracket, torque tubes and hardware

Stainless shackle

Front pole rest saddle

Drilling guide

Automatic Center Punch

Glue and special gluing blocks

Cable extractor

CD with assembly instructions

Post Level for plumbing

Boot to protect pulley brackets from elements

Cradle (optional)


Here's what else you will need to finish a 50' pole:

EMT (Standard 10' sections): ($150 estimated)

1 ea - 1/2"

2 ea -  3/4"  (2 - 5' pieces for front pole rest brace/plumbing assembly)

1 ea - 1" 

2 ea - 1 1/4" (2 - 5' pieces for plumb arms)(front pole rest)

1 ea - 1 1/2" 

2 ea - 2"  (1 piece for pivot pole)

1 ea - 2 1/2"

1 ea - 3"

1 1/4" Couple - (to mount front pole rest)

Miscellaneous Hardware ($5) - Nuts and bolts for mounting pole-rest and pivot pole, braces, etc to vehicle. 


Electric Winch - Warn 2.5ci ATV winch or equivalent...(From - $90 on Ebay ) jumper cable for wiring and at least a 75 amp gel battery ($75).


Estimated time to complete the project...1 weekend .