About Bird-Shots

Bird-Shots is owned and operated by David McGeachy, PE (ret) and is based in Tallahassee, Florida. It was established in 1996 as a freelance commercial photography business. In 1999 I began specializing in low level aerial photography using various platforms.  In 2002 the business shifted from photography to providing PAP Kits for photographers.

Low Level Aerial Photography

Low Level Aerial Photography is shot  from an elevated platform less than 400'. This fun shot was taken from a remotely controlled camera suspended from a 4 meter kite. This type of photography is called KAP which stands for Kite Aerial Photography.

Pole Aerial Photography (PAP), upon which Bird-Shots is based, is very similar to KAP in that the camera systems have the same components. The fully adjustable view from atop a 50’ pole is unique, and in most cases, unattainable from other platforms. It gives the image a sense of depth with the detail one would expect from a ground shot, yet it has the feel of an aerial.


The system I use consists of a remotely operated camera atop a trailer-mounted telescoping pole. The high-resolution digital camera system is wireless and remotely controlled using RC components. What the camera sees is down-linked to a monitor on the ground, allowing me to adjust the view accordingly.

The trailer here was designed to be used specifically for Golf Course photography. It is small and lightweight and is equipped with wide low profile tires to prevent turf damage. It can easily be towed behind a golf car and set up anywhere on a golf course and it can be safely trailered at Interstate speeds.

Bird-Shot Photos have been taken for or used by:

Tallahassee Democrat

Calhoun Liberty Journal


Panhandle Pioneer Settlement

Datamaxx Corp

North Florida Motor Speedway

Alligator Point Taxpayers Association

Seminole Golf Course

Golden Eagle Country Club

Golf Club at Summerbrooke

Wildwood Golf Course

Kelly Brothers Sheet Metal

Faith Baptist Church

Hunt Insurance

Twin Action Properties

Canopy Oaks Elementary School

Florida Department of Transportation

Altha Heritage Festival Committee

Apalachicola Seafood Festival

St Marks Wildlife Refuge

Motor Sport America

Motor Sport Weekly

Dothan Raceland

Seminole RC Club

Rockledge Realty

Leslie Industries, Inc.